A Quickie

I have been shooting so much lately I’ve hardly had time to post anything. I just posted some great stuff from a shoot with my friend Catherine, so I don’t have time for another full post, but I wanted to leave you with one photo. Last week, Durham had an awesome event called reFASHIONED. It was a Durham style fashion show with lots of swank and lots of attitude. It was an amazing day. I photographed both the event itself and the hours of model prep that proceeded it. Here is one of my fave shots from the day:


Catherine is at it Again

My friend Catherine, a wonderful artist who I’ve covered on this blog many times before, recently completed a dress and a scroll which go together to communicate her latest artistic vision, “Courting Love and Violence.” You can read more about it on her website here. She asked me to photograph the dress and scroll for her (with our lovely friend Cady modeling), and here are some of my favorite shots:

BMX Bike Shots

One of the other features of Raleigh’s Fourth of July festival was a huge half-pipe set up just off Fayetteville Street. I got some pretty cool pics of the street team that was set up doing tricks there. Here are some of my favorites, copyright bwpw as usual.

July 4th Celebration

So I went to Raleigh this week to cover their massive 4th of July celebration for Triangle.com. You should definitely check out their full array of pictures (from myself and two other photographers) by clicking this link, but here are a few of my favorites that I took that day.

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Leftover Pesto Makes Great Pizza!

Remember my pesto experiment from a few weeks back? Well it left me with a generous portion of leftover pesto sauce to use up.

The Saturday following, I decided to use it on a pizza. I bought a Pillsbury thin-crust pizza dough (not pre-cooked like that nasty boboli stuff, it actually makes a pretty decent crust), covered the dough with the remaining pesto, and also threw on it: roasted chicken, steamed broccoli, sauteed mini-button mushrooms, thinly sliced half moons of red onion, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese. It was insanely good.

Sadly, I only had my cell phone with me when I finished cooking it (at my parent’s house) and the entire thing got gobbled up, so I only got this one crappy picture:

More Delicious Breakfast

Processed a few more shots from my trip to Australia and New Zealand yesterday and came up with two more delicious-looking breakfast shots. These shots were from a lovely cafe in Surry Hills called “Four Ate Five” which is located at 485 Crown Street. It was a small cafe with a great neighborhood feel, excellent coffee, and very cute waiters. 🙂

Alan had the museli, which came with kiwis, grapes, pineapple, pears, and honey drizzle. He said it was the best museli he had in Australia.

I had something far more mundane but equally delicious: toast with scrambled eggs, spinach, and ricotta. They also brought me the most giant pat of butter known to man, which I didn’t use.

LiLa at the Pinhook

This was the darkest bar I’ve ever shot in. One of these days I’m really going to have to invest in a 70-200mm 1.4 lens, because my 55-200 4-5.6 is not really cutting it. However, LiLa was bringing it and I still managed to get some decent shots. Check em out below: