Sol Food is Soul Food

If you haven’t yet heard about Sol Food Mobile Farm, you need to. They are a young non-profit focused on teaching people about gardening, sustainability, and community, and they are doing amazing things. They drive around a big, red, retro-fitted schoolbus (purchased by their funder Zomppa and restored by Sol Food) that has not only a greenhouse in the back, and plants growing on the roof, but also four bunk beds, a kitchen, bookshelves, and a bit of a ‘common area’ too. And they’re going to need all that. I had the opportunity to sit in on an interview Clarion Content conducted with Sol Food’s four young founders – Reid, Eliza, Ellen, and Dylan – and heard all about the 6 month cross-country trip on which they are about to embark! They plan to stop in something like 20 cities and will be doing everything from volunteering on community farms, to conducting teaching sessions at schools and farmers markets, to learning about winter gardening in Maine. It sounds like an amazing trip. Anyway, they were kind enough to let me take some pics of them and their bus, so please check ’em out below:

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