The Awe-Inspiring Uluru

One of the best days of my trip to Australia and New Zealand was spent in Yulara, an isolated town in the south of Australia’s “Northern Territory” and home to a World Heritage Site called Uluru. Uluru is a large sandstone formation suspected to have been around since the palaeozoic era. It is about 1150 feet (~348 meters) tall and has a circumference of about 6 miles (9.5k). But just describing how big it is does not translate into understanding its grandeur and significance, as I realized when the van dropped me off in front and drove away in a cloud of red dust.

My friend and I had decided to complete the nearly 11K base walk (longer than the actual circumference because at particularly holy sites the trail veers far away from the edge of the rock wall to avoid damage to those areas). It was graded as “easy” because the terrain is flat, but with the sun beating down on us, the temperature skyrocketing over 90 (in their equivalent of fall, mind you), and the breeze only providing occasional relief, I would not characterize this walk as easy. But the difficulty only served to enhance the notion that circling this beast of a monolith was an accomplishment, and had humbling import.

Below are some of my favorite shots from the base walk. Please note that all these photos are copyright BWPW Photo.

Lastly, after we had finished our base walk, we headed a few miles away to watch the sunset over Uluru from a dune. The panorama above is from that set, as is my favorite shot, below. If you’re curious to see more, please feel free to check out this flickr set.

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