Bill’s Cafe, Darlinghurst, Sydney

On my recent trip to Australia and New Zealand, my friend Alan and I had some truly epic meals. One of my favorites was the breakfast we had at Bill’s, a well established cafe and foodie haven in the Darlinghurst neighborhood southeast of the CBD. The space was gorgeous, with wide windows, lots of light, and beautiful modern wood furniture, including a large communal table strewn with magazines, set amongst the two and four tops. And the food was equally beautiful, and tasty! We started off with coffee, of course, and both Alan’s cappucino and my flat white were artistically arranged. Then I had some sweetcorn fritters with roast tomato and spinach, while Alan ordered scrambled organic eggs, sourdough toast, and some delicious coconut bread. It’s pretty amazing to see the before and after photos below; if I had had room for both my fritters I would have licked the plate at the end, but as it was I made some great headway. Enjoy the photos!

2 thoughts on “Bill’s Cafe, Darlinghurst, Sydney

    • I know, right?? It was SO delicious. It was wonderfully crispy, but didn’t feel heavy or greasy like most fried things do. I don’t know how they managed to get such a beautiful sear/crisp without the heaviness, but serious bravo to them. And the tomatoes were melt in your mouth levels of savory.

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