A Family Reunited

Just realized that I never posted any shots from a recent family portraiture session I did for my friend L back in December. L had about 15 family members all gathered in NC, some of whom hadn’t been in the same room for more than 10 years! I feel honored that I was entrusted with this shoot. And it was definitely a fun one! Though not without challenges. The only time they could all meet up was 3 in the afternoon, and there was still a lot of overhead sun at that time of day. Additionally, the backyard was a little sparse given winter still had its last clutches on the plants and trees. I did the best I could to find backgrounds that were nice looking but still had decent light. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

This next one I have to explain. There was a lot of joking going on at the shoot about how the owners of the home let the dogs poop in the yard, so every time someone sat down to be photographed, the matriarch of the family would warn them to look for doggie deposits. So after I finished this set, I happened to snap this impromptu funny photo of the ladies checking their shoes. It turned out to be one of L’s favorite shots!

And this was the best group shot I could get of 15 people and a dog. 14 out of 15 are smiling, and everyone is looking at the camera! I’d say that’s a pretty good average, considering how tough group shots can be! I just wish the right side was a little less washed out. But it was the only spot big enough to put everyone and the light just wasn’t perfect. The client understood since they picked the time of day against my advice.

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