A Durham Food Day

I am lucky to work in a fairly well populated section of Research Triangle Park. This means that at least once a week, someone from Durham’s fantastic mobile food movement is out serving food in the parking lot. Today we had a killer combo of the Pie Pushers pizza truck (@piepushers), and Parlour Durham with their wonderful ice cream truck (@parlourdurham). Because I am obsessed with food and can’t help myself (especially when it’s fresh local food), I got a little something from both.

First, the Pie Pushers. Btw, in case you’re not aware of their whole modus operandi, the pushers have a selection of standard slices and pies they offer, but their real bread and butter (in this reviewer’s opinion) are the seasonal and artisan slices that change every couple of days. Today I was struck by the “Turnips ‘N Greens” slice, whose ingredients read “pesto, mozarella, feta, Coon Rock Farm’s turnips, & local braised greens.” Not finding a single thing listed I wouldn’t eat, and several that I go crazy for (especially anything with feta) I gave it a shot. And let me tell you – it did not disappoint. The salty flavor of the feta combined with the zesty pesto and texturally well paired veggies – absolutely delish! I also grabbed two of their signature pesto garlic knots on the side. Another thing I love about PP is that they keep their costs extremely reasonable. A slice and two garlic knots fills me up for a whole afternoon, and it’s only $6 – what a value! Seeing as how these days you can’t get out of a Panera, Chipotle, ABP or similar chains for under $10 (and with MUCH lower quality ingredients) the $6 PP lunch is a steal in my book. Here’s a quick snap I took with my phone:

So even though the PP lunch would fill me up for the afternoon, I so rarely get the chance to eat Parlour’s ice cream that I had to go for it. As their website says, the Parlour people “make ice cream by hand in Durham, starting with milk and cream from North Carolina cows and adding the best ingredients we can find. We also make vegan flavors and sorbets.” They always have an interesting collection of flavors on tap, and today was no exception. Having tried their salted butter caramel before (it is pretty darn nummy), today I decided to try a new flavor – honey hazelnut crunch. Holy moly. Sweet, but not too sweet, and so texturally interesting. The honey was not only responsible for a beautiful subtle sweetness, it also added crystaline texture to the mellow but rich hazelenut clusters. Probably one of the top 10 ice cream flavors I have ever tasted. My only complaint is that the small seems a little pricey – $3.50 for one scoop. It seems like at the point you’re paying so much for a small, it’s worth it to go up a size in terms of cost vs. quantity. But the thing is, the small is the perfect amount of ice cream, in my book. I guess that’s just the premium you pay for quality ingredients and process. Certainly it’s not expensive enough to keep me from many happy returns to the Parlour truck. Here’s my quick snap:

Thanks Durham, for having such an awesome local food scene. Holla.


2 thoughts on “A Durham Food Day

  1. Thanks for blogging about us, Beth! Great shots of the food, too!

    We’re glad that you appreciate the quality of our ice cream. We checked around recently and found that our prices are actually very close to some national premium chains for similar serving sizes. So we really think it’s a great value, considering the extra care and great ingredients that go into ours! Though like most places, our smallest size is the highest priced by volume.

    Anyway, we’re happy to hear that you’ll be back. Speaking of value and return trips to the bus: we’ll be introducing loyalty cards soon! So when you buy any ten items (excluding soda/water), you’ll be able to get a free single with topping. I’m sending the design off to get printed now, so hopefully we’ll have them by the next time we’re out in RTP!

  2. Hi Parlour! Thanks for responding. I suppose you’re right that small is the highest cost by volume anywhere you go; I hadn’t thought of that. Either way, I find the money to be totally worth it – your ice creams are amazing! 🙂 And I’m glad to hear about your plan for loyalty cards. I will definitely have to pick one of those up when they become available. Glad you enjoyed the photo!

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