Cameron Stadium Shoot

Had the amazing opportunity last week to do a shoot at Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of Duke basketball. It was pretty neat to be in a place worshipped by so many fans while it was completely empty. Just me, the subject, and the woman who hired me. Occasionally one of the custodial or ticket booth staff walked through, but it was otherwise amazingly quiet. I did a lot of different shots to try to capture the spirit of the place. For one, I even laid on the floor to get a good shot of my subject and the jerseys hanging from the rafters. The shots feature a professor from the Duke Sanford School of Public policy and he’s just finished a book about college sports in the US, so it was the perfect place to shoot. Here are some of my favorites!

4 thoughts on “Cameron Stadium Shoot

  1. Wow…those pictures are amazing. I had the chance to go to Cameron to watch Florida State play Duke a couple of years ago, and it was an awesome night (despite the flu I was battling).

  2. Hello Beth! I can’t believe this is the first time I comment; I love your photography and just wish you posted more often. I think the best one is the one where he’s standing in front of the Cameron and bright blue bleachers; the expression on his face is perfect and the colors and cropping are gorgeous! Post more! Photograph more!

    Also, can I link you from my blog? I only have a few links of my favorite sites and I would love to link you, but only if you’re comfortable with it.

    Hope the new job is treating you well!


    • hi ariel! so lovely to hear from you! of course you may link to my blog. I have been enjoying reading your blog too (sorry I comment so infrequently!); I still think about your post about ‘blue eggs’ quite often, as the radical changes in my life the last year or two have provided lots of reasons to think about my own eggs. I am photographing quite a lot right now, I’ve just not been faithful about posting. I have a few new posts coming up soon though, so please do check back! nice to know I have at least one reader! 😉


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