Catherine Howard at Scratch Bakery

This post is so long overdue it’s embarrassing. But at least I’m finally getting it up. On the morning before the DAC opened the beautiful holiday art walk/art market exhibit, that featured over 200 decorated windows in downtown Durham, I had the opportunity to watch local Durham artist Catherine Howard setting up her exhibit at Scratch Bakery. I had to get up at 5:30am to do it, but your intrepid photographer is not afraid of morning. And it provided some beautiful light (along with fall colors) for the hanging of the exhibit. Plus, I got delicious breakfast from scratch (for photos of that click here.) Here are some shots I captured.

Some of her shapes were so wonderfully intricate. Reminded me of the excitement I felt as a kid when trying to come up with increasingly complex shapes, holding those crappy plastic scissors and thinking – where do I cut next?

I loved seeing Catherine silhouetted against the morning light like this. Feel like the heft (meaning color heft, not actual heft – Catherine is tiny!) of her dark shape contrasts nicely with the delicacy of the snowflakes at right.

God I love fall. Just look at those colors!!

I absolutely love how in this photo you can’t quite tell at first glance whether you are seeing snowflakes or leaves. How the shadows and reflections just blend into one another seamlessly.

I liked how this photo was simultaneously very geometric and very angular, but also sort of soft and warm. I tried to enhance that with a bit of color play, enhancing some of those warmer tones.

Something very touchingly melancholy about this snowflake. Like it represents a memory of someone loved, but it’s still tinged with sadness.

Here are some shots of the finished product:

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