My First Scratch Experience

Had the opportunity to visit Scratch Bakery in Durham the other day for breakfast. It was my first time eating there, as normally in the mornings I’m off to Raleigh on my commute without time to think about leisurely, local breakfast. I was there because I was photographing artist Catherine Howard as she set up her exhibit for Durham Art Walk (more on that soon – plus pictures!). I was very excited to try the fare at Scratch because I’d heard such great things. And I have to tell you, the hype is not an exaggeration. My breakfast was DAMN good. I got one of their signature donutmufffins, which was of course yummy, but then I also decided to try one of their daily savory pastries. It was a sunchoke and Caesar bread crumb crostada, and I got more than halfway through it before I thought, “Gee I should take a picture of this pretty, delicious confection.” All I had on hand was my iPhone, so I did the best I could. I really LOVE taking pictures of food, but I’m used to slightly better tools. The iPhone managed okay but not awesome. Here it is:


2 thoughts on “My First Scratch Experience

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