Beatnam at Casbah 11/18

Raleigh hip-hop supergroup Beatnam was the middle band at Friday night’s Casbah show. According to their Reverb Nation page, Casbah is headed up by identical twins Jonah and Joshua Vincent. “Better-known to hip-hop heads nationwide as the production and rapping outfit Beatnam Vets, know a thing or two about beating the odds: the identical twins from Raleigh, North Carolina, were born doing it. Literally.” I’m glad for that stroke of luck, because I really enjoyed their outfit. Supplemented by a guitarist, a bassist, three horn players and a drummer, the twins came up with some excellent raps. My brother identified (I think correctly) that there’s a hint of Digable Planets in their vibe, which is AWESOME, because I love the planets. These guys are definitely “cool like that.” In addition to their excellent rhymes and singing, and great crowd interaction, these multi-talented brothers can also rip some notes on the trumpet and trombone, respectively. Here are some of my shots of their set (copyright BWPW Photo).

3 thoughts on “Beatnam at Casbah 11/18

  1. Anyone who wasn’t there definitely missed a great show!! I know they have been performing in Raleigh for a while hopefully they will grace us with there presence here in Durham again soon!!

    Much love!

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