Stacey Kirby Exhibit

Durham Art Walk: Holiday Market is a twice annual art event showcasing the work of over 200 artists at sites all over vibrant downtown Durham. This week, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph some of these artists as they set up their exhibits. Tonight, I spent some time with the fabulous Stacey Kirby. She has the good fortune of exhibiting in the old Bargain Furniture storefront on E. Chapel Hill Street, just off the downtown loop. Walking into her space (even before it was complete) felt like stepping into a visual and tactile time machine. I imagined being five years old again, running through the office where my grandmother was a bookkeeper and playing with things like time punch-cards and Rolodexes, typing nonsense on the typewriters and playing with the knobs on the water cooler. Can’t wait to see it in action, with Stacey’s performance in costume supplementing her careful curation of an office-life mostly behind us. For more info on her installation, check out her website here. Since it’s got such a great, retro vibe I tried to make the feel of the photos match that in post-production. So you’ll see a lot of desat, a lot of magenta and yellow tones, etc. It’s all good fun. Let me know what you think!

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