I Have Disappeared

I’d apologize for being completely absent these last few weeks, but I fear it would just sound trite. I got a dog, had a date, went to a wedding and a funeral in the same weekend, got a cold, got over a cold, had a second date, and just generally had life. In huge heaping doses. A dump-truck of sugar, rather than a spoonful. The good news is, several of those events provided good photography fodder, so I should have some good posts for you over the next few days.

I can’t tell you how much fun it has been getting to know my new dog, Rooney. I got him from the great folks over at the Animal Protection Society of Durham. He’s a 10 month old poodle (possibly a mix?). He’s a total sweetie. Definitely a bit scared – things like cars, loud noises, occasionally a real estate sign or bird bath in someone’s yard – but has a big personality that is starting to shine through and that will only become more evident with confidence building. It’s been hard to get him to sit still enough to take pictures, but the other day I managed to snap a good one while hanging out at the Clarion Content offices in Durham.

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