Saturday Skate Park

Cheating a bit on this one, as I didn’t technically take these today, but I had no time to edit when I took them Saturday. The skate park was operating on all cylinders that afternoon and I got some great shots while waiting for LiLa to take the stage at CFD. Here are some faves (refresh if slideshow’s not showing, and as usual, all photos are copyright bwpwphoto):

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Though I’m pretty happy with all of them, I think this one is my fave. I love how it looks like he’s checking out his own shadow. Plus all that empty space gives it something of an arty feel, I think. What do you guys think? Winner? (click for fullsize)

Although I also love the colors of this shot, the angle of his body to the ground, and the perfectly perched cop car in the background. If you didn’t already know that there was a police station right next to the skate park, it would seem like, “Oh, OF COURSE there are cops hanging around a skate park. Because that’s where the delinquents are, right?” Damn you, the man. Anyway, it’s another fave. (click for fullsize)

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