LiLa at CFD

Hey y’all. Stopped by the lovely Durham Central Park today for the Creative Food Drive. Local businesses were encouraged to collect 500 food items or $500 worth of non-perishable food (to benefit the Durham Food Bank) and then used the food to build creative structures. One team modeled the Durham Bulls Ball Park, using everything from rice-roni to jello to slim jims. Another made a cockroach (ugh!). It was a fun time – some good food trucks, some great music. My favorite local Durham band, LiLa, was the closing band and MAN did they bring it. About halfway through their set their guitarist/keyboardist/singer J-La broke at least one string on his guitar (I actually think it might have been two), but instead of letting this get them off track they just rocked out even harder. Hit after hit had the small but enthusiastic crowd jumping like house of pain. Here are some of my favorite shots from the LiLa show (hit refresh if the slide show doesn’t immediately work for you, it’s a bit buggy):

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