Belatedly, Pics from Hopscotch

Came out of the Flaming Lips show with some decent shots, despite being pretty far from the front. It was a challenging environment to shoot it – wildly variant light conditions, lots of confetti flying through the crowd messing with my autofocus. I eventually had to turn it off and shoot manual focus. I always shoot manual exposure, but I usually allow the camera to do the focusing work. It was an interesting change. Harder to get “the shot” when on manual focus, because I’m still slow on the controls. I bet with practice though, over time, I could get better at it. And I have had a shot or two in the past that could have been great, but were screwed up because the autofocus was looking somewhere different than I was. So maybe it’s time to think about switching. Food for thought, at the very least. Here are some shots…

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