Carrack Modern Art: Catherine Howard Exhibit

Did a quick shoot today over at the Carrack Modern Art Gallery. The Carrack is a great new space in Durham that runs completely on donations; artists are able to exhibit solo-shows free of commission. For a detailed article about the great exhibit currently showing there, check this article by Clarion Content columnist Cady Childs.

Close up of a sample work

A glimpse of the space

Disclaimer: I am not an art critic. That said, I really liked this exhibit. Many of these pieces manage to be vividly bright while remaining subtle. They are not overbearing. Case in point:

Vivid yellow

Additionally they have the interesting feature of changing dramatically when backlit or not. Observe the contrast in the below two photos:

Deep in the gallery, away from the windows

Strongly backlit - a dramatic change

The graphite is much more observable when not strongly lit, giving the figures a more defined shape. Yet the shapes that appear when the graphite disappears are captivating in their softer edges; they are reminiscent of clay figurines the ceramicist has not quite finished, whose shapes and identities are still developing.

If you’ve got some time to spare I’d definitely recommend checking out Catherine’s exhibit.

5 thoughts on “Carrack Modern Art: Catherine Howard Exhibit

  1. Thank you so much for photographing my show! If it’s okay with you, I’d love to use one of these on my blog and link to your post.

    Oh, and I am a Toast addict. Proud of you. 🙂 If you’d ever like to get together, I’d love to meet you in person! All the best,


    • Oh I’m so glad you liked them, and of course feel free to use them! I really loved your show. And thanks for the link from your blog as well. I’d love to get together sometime. I’ll shoot you a FB msg with my contact info.

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