From Awhile Back, The Craft Beer Expo: Fullsteam Brewery et al

So Harris Distributors finally just posted the photos I took for them back in May on Facebook, so I think it is ok to share them publicly on my blog now. Didn’t want to beat them to the punch on their own promotional materials. I was asked to be the official photographer of the First Annual Craft Beer Expo held at DPAC. Below are some of my favorite shots from the evening.

This is my absolute favorite pic. Click to embiggen (for better quality). I just like that this shot captures the spirit of the event, which was a lot of fun. Featured are some guests from the fabulous Fullsteam Brewery. Fullsteam is a sweet local Durham hangout where they brew excellent beers and cultivate fun atmosphere. Plus, added bonus, a regular hangout for several of the food trucks I adore, including Pie Pushers and Only Burger.

Some of the Fullsteam Brewery gents

The programs which listed all the exhibitors had a pretty neat cover design I wanted to capture.

cool programs

A nice shot of the woman representing Claro! at the fest.

Claro! representative

Super sweet Natty Greene’s glasses (tomorrow I think I’ll do a post just showing all the pics I took of the beer taps that were on display – some really interesting ones).

cool Natty Greene's glasses and Durham skyline

Another good one, from the after party. This shows Harris CEO Jay Harris enjoying some libations with a member of the Carolina Brewery staff. A little more posed than what I usually like to capture, but what the client wants the client gets.

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