July 17, 2011 – Downtown Durham Photoshoot

I love Durham. It is feeling more like my town every day. Today my brother and I set out to hit up the weekly farmer’s market, figuring we could pick up some produce for dinner and I could get some good fruit and veggie shots. Unfortunately, we were both so tired we forgot it was Sunday, and the farmer’s market is on Saturdays. Whoops. So we decided to cruise around downtown for awhile and capture some building and landscape shots. Here’s one of my faves from the bunch, of our iconic bull in city center. I’ve done a little processing on this one – some desaturating, some cross coloring.

Da Bull

A cool processed shot of the Goldenbelt mixed residential/commercial space. East of Roxboro, it’s in what many would consider to be a ‘bad’ neighborhood, but I prefer to think of it as a neighborhood in transition. We need more people to cross boundaries in this way, and challenge these weirdly accepted norms of bad and good in Durham.

vintage goldenbelt; copyright bwpwphoto.com

Here’s another one I was pretty happy with. Unfortunately, this great building is probably going to be condemned soon. The roof partially collapsed last month, forcing out a number of longtime tenants, including the fabulous Scrap Exchange.

liberty warehouse

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